EZOutlookSync Pro 1.6 Beta 1 is available for download

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EZOutlookSync Pro 1.6 Beta 1 is available for download

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Hello all,

After spending some time fixing bugs, improving overall performance, and making EZOS fully compatible with the newest version of Windows Vista, we proudly present you the latest version of our flagmanship product – EZOutlookSync Pro 1.6 Beta 1.

Below is the detailed list of changes so far:

- Auto select new folders option is now checked by default
- .ini, .ezo, and log files are now stored in the user’s Application data directory
- Program’s version number is now included in the log file for easier identification
- Fixed MAPI, String list does not allow duplicates, failed to set data for ", and AV errors
- EZOutlookSync is now fully compatible with Windows Vista

The program can be downloaded from: http://www.ezoutlooksync.com/download/b ... cPro16.exe (1.05MB)

We would appreciate to hear any feedback about the program. What you like – what you don’t like, have all the bugs gone or not, etc., etc. Thank you for your time!
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Old Problems

Post by fyw »

I downloaded the new version and ran it with and without the wizard. It ran in both cases. Looks good.

I'll let you know of any future problems [hope you don't hear from me :-) ].

Thanks for our help.
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Post by nenad »

EZOutlookSync Pro 1.6 works much better then previous versions.
Actually it works flawless !!!

Besides that all errors (in previous versions) gone away, this version also don't get confused when remote pst file (PC) is not accessible. With previous versions, once when file become accessible again, EZOutlookSync Pro will start with synchronizing all of the files (thus making duplicates quite often), but this new version realizes that files were already synchronized and synchronize only new files if any.

Good job! Congratulations!
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