Sync calendar & contacts between 2 computers

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Sync calendar & contacts between 2 computers

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I have two computers with outlook 2010 and would like to sync only the calendar and contacts between the two using EZOutlookSync. I'm using IMAP for email.

The installation has been pretty straightforward until the "choose target" part. Do I have to share the target PST file over the network?

Since both computers have the the same PST file, Will I see duplicate contacts and calendar events after the first synchronization?
If so, would EZDupeRemover remove all duplicates in each PST?

I'm trying to avoid a mess since I have a lot of contacts and many calendar events.

Any advice or set up instructions would be much appreciated.

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Re: Sync calendar & contacts between 2 computers

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Yes, you need to have access to the Target PST file from your Source PC. File sharing over network should work.

There will be no duplicates after the first and any consecutive synchronizations as EZOulookSync intelligently analyzes and compares all the information avoiding duplicate entries.
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