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purchased pro version software, uninstalled trial.
can start outlook and your syncpro. can sync machine A & B.
I know this sounds crazy, but I have reverified it:
Machine A has all contacts sorted into 'PalmPilot Categories', a 'user-defined field in this folder' setting on outlook ('All Fields' tab when contact is open - Outlook 2000).
About 50% of these user defined categories synced to Machine B. Each contact now appears to display the field 'PalmPilot Category' (Under the 'Name' heading), but only half have the 'Value' heading entry that shows on Machine A.
Additional Notes:
I have not exceeded my 15 category Palm OS limit.
The problem appears random within categories. half my 'Contractors' 'Value' field displays correctly on Machine B, half does not.
The correlation does not appear to be either time sensitive (point of entry) or alphabetical etc.
I'm at a loss.
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