Auto Sync will not detect new folders

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Auto Sync will not detect new folders

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Hi Support,

This is sort of a follow up to an issue that I reported in an earlier post entitled "Auto Sync Problem with 1.32" back in December 2005. In the earlier post I reported that the Auto Sync will do nothing if no folders are selected. It is easy to make this mistake because a manual sync clears the selected folders upon completion.

I have now discovered a similiar problem when running an auto sync. The problem occurs when a user creates a new folder or subfolder in the source or target PST. The new folder will not be created in the other PST when the next auto sync is run. The reason the folder will not be created is because it will not be checked or selected. The user must launch the program interactively and check the new folder and then exit without running a manual sync. This will retain the folder selections.

I my earlier post I made a suggestion to have a switch to control clearing of user selections after a manual sync. Considering the new folder problem above, I would like to change my suggestion. The switch for clearing user selections will not cover the problem of new folders. Here is what is required to solve both issues. I suggest a switch that will automatically select all folders when the program is launched. Perhaps it could be called "Auto Select All Folders". The switch would be set to unchecked by default. If the user checks the switch then all folders for both source and target PST's will be selected. The code must check the switch in both manual and auto sync modes.

This new switch will solve the folder selections being cleared after a manual sync because the next time in the folders would be automatically be selected. This will allow the clear folder selections after manual sync to continue to function as it allways has. The new switch will also solve the problem of new folders not getting picked up due to the folder being unselected or checked.
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