android-sync service failed - error code : 5

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android-sync service failed - error code : 5

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Hello. I bought a oneplus 9pro smartphone a few weeks ago to replace my oneplus 3T. With this last one, i was synchronizing my contacts between windows outlook PC and the android contacts app, with the android.sync software without using google contacts. Now, this sync software doesn't work anymore with the 9pro, so I can't use the 9pro without all my contacts. What can I do to get back to the original function for which I bought a license? Thanks for your help.

NB.1 It's an error that appears at the beginning of the sync with the android-sync software: connecting to android-sync service failed - error code: 5; I followed the procedure: I uninstalled n times, reinstalled, but still the same error that I didn't have with the oneplus 3T; also, my oneplus 9pro is well recognized by windows since I access its directories via the explorer.
NB.2 : i wrote by email but never receive any answer...
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Re: android-sync service failed - error code : 5

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I see you've already been assisted by mail. The problem is that you were using a different app.
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