Preserving formating

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Preserving formating

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Hello All,

Outlook-Android Sync Version: 3.4
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G running Android Version 13 with One UI Version 5.0
Ms Windows 11 Pro

When I create a calendar event on Outlook some of those events have particular formatting like BOLD face. When I sync those events to my Note 20 and I edit the event (such as add additional information) and then sync it again the formatting is removed and I just get "plain text" when looking at the event in Outlook. Is this by design? I really would like the formatting to be preserve whenever I sync information.

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Re: Preserving formating

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The preservation of formatting in event text depends on whether it is possible to format the text on your device. If formatting is supported, the formatting should be preserved. However, if formatting is not possible on your device, then unfortunately there is nothing we can do to preserve it. We recommend checking the capabilities of your device to determine if text formatting is supported. Thank you for your understanding.
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