Activation process

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Activation process

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I really would like you to find another way to activate the software. I don’t want to wait 3, 5 or 7 days to get a key. It usually is quite fast but this time, I’m still waiting for the key after 6 days. You are actually punishing paying customer to make sure that people don’t use illegally your software (which I understand). Even if I really like the functionalities of EZOutlookSync, I would not recommend it just for that.

With the new trend of activating software through Internet, a growing amount of people realize that if the software maker cease his activities, they won’t be able to use the software anymore after a clean install or a computer change. This is a “no buy” argument for a lot of people, especially when the software maker is small. I did not realize it when I bought EZOutlookSync.

I hope that the people who agree with me will post a reply! Beside that, congratulation for a nice product.

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We've been emailing your since your very first request and messages never came back undelivered. We think our emails get caught by your spam filter. Please check its settings.

Meanwhile, I PM'ed you with your permanent license key. Please check your private messages box in the forum. And we apologize for any inconveniences.
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