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I am unable to synchronize over Wi-Fi. Is it possible to sync using a USB cable?

Yes, it is possible. And not only via a USB cable but also through cellular networks, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hotspot. Please see the corresponding topic in the help file to get more information about how to do that.


How does Outlook-Android Sync determine if any object is newer and should be transferred?

We will explain the process step by step:


1.The program compares certain set of fields for every item, and, if finds that all of these fields do coincide with those in item on another side - the items are considered to be identical
2.Outlook-Android Sync uses the "last modified" property in order to determine whether an item is newer or older
3.Outlook-Android Sync will copy newer item version to another side, replacing older version
4.The older version is considered to be obsolete and will be deleted


Should I close MS Outlook before start working with Outlook-Android Sync?

Yes, it is advised you close ALL applications that might be using the Outlook data file on a computer affected by synchronization.


If I delete items on one side - will they be deleted automatically upon synchronization on the other side?

Yes, unless chosen otherwise in options.


My Outlook data file seems to be corrupted (does not open, gives errors). What can I do?

Microsoft provides the Inbox Repair Tool for correcting problems with damaged Personal Folders *.pst files. If you do not see the Inbox Repair Tool on the Start menu under Windows Accessories, use search to find the Scanpst.exe file in the system. Run it and it may fix the problem.