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Outlook-Android Sync 1.1 Released

The major change in the new version is much simpler way for establishing connection in between Android and Windows versions of Outlook-Android Sync. No need to deal with IP addresses and port numbers anymore. Android application is able to discover its counterpart Windows program automatically and show it in the list of found PCs.

Simply tap on the PC name while being on your Android device and synchronization will be running instantly.

Please do not forget to update the Android version of the app as the new Windows version of Outlook<->Android Sync will only work with the latest Android app version.

Windows version of Outlook-Android Sync can be downloaded from the Download page (please note that you need a 64-bit version of the program if you're using 64-bit version of Outlook or Exchange Server).
Android version of Outlook-Android Sync is available from the Google Play Store.