Outlook-Android Sync 3.6
  • You can now select a synchronization range for calendar events
  • Consecutive synchronizations are now performed much faster
  • Improved synchronization of items containing special characters
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements for a better experience
Outlook-Android Sync 3.5
  • Ability to select specific Microsoft 365 account for synchronization with Android
  • Free/Busy statuses of evens created on Android will now be processed correctly
  • Improved synchronization of recurring appointments
  • Fixed one-way synchronization of selected contact folders from Outlook to Android
  • Several other tweaks and fixes
Outlook-Android Sync 3.4
  • You can now choose whether to sync Outlook categories with Android calendars or Outlook calendar folders with Android calendars
  • Improved synchronization of appointments with different time zone settings
  • Synchronization direction set in the sync wizard will now be remembered correctly
  • Couple of other improvements and minor bug fixes
Outlook-Android Sync 3.3
  • A single app installer for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook
  • Fixed issue with incorrect detection of the Outlook 64-bit version on some PCs after the most recent MS Office update (16.0.13127.20402)
  • Several stability improvements and bug fixes
Outlook-Android Sync 3.2
  • Fixed: Inability of Outlook-Androd Sync to work correctly with the latest Outlook 2019 / Outlook 365 version update (16.0.12624.20480)
  • Fixed: Couple of other minor issues
Outlook-Android Sync 3.1
  • Improved: Ability to work with different types of folders for Office 365 / Exchange profiles
  • Improved: Synchronization of Internet type of fields for contacts (email, web page, etc.)
  • Fixed: Duplication of Outlook categories in Android under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Other minor issues
Outlook-Android Sync 3.0
  • Added: Ability to synchronize tasks and notes data with Android
  • Added: Full support of Office 365
  • Improved: Overall synchronization performance
  • Fixed: A few minor glitches since the previous version
Outlook-Android Sync 2.12
  • Improved: Synchronization of contact addresses
  • Fixed: Some minor issues found since last version
Outlook-Android Sync 2.11
  • Improved: Synchronization speed
  • Improved: No more phantom updates for items that shouldn't be updated
  • Fixed: Synchronization of birthdays
  • Fixed: Issue with duplication of calendars on Android for events with no categories
Outlook-Android Sync 2.1
  • Added: Synchronization of birthday and anniversary dates for contacts
  • Improved: Algorithm for determining if items need to be updated during synchronization
  • Improved: Handling of pictures and address fields for contacts
  • Fixed: Issue with all day events not being properly synchronized for certain time zones
  • Fixed: Couple of rare AV error messages during sync
Outlook-Android Sync 2.0
  • Added: Ability to choose which Outlook Calendar and Contact folders should be included in synchronization (keep personal and business data separate)
  • Added: Option to automatically add a firewall rule (required for successful synchronization) during installation of Outlook-Android Sync
  • Improved: Algorithm responsible for handling and creating links in between Outlook categories and Android calendars
  • Fixed: Incorrect synchronization of single day events in some cases when they were treated as 2 day events
  • Fixed: Lifetime license key certificates will now be correctly shown
  • Fixed: Events from Outlook not being correctly placed in selected Account/Calendars on Android
  • Fixed: Issue with all day events from Outlook being shown a day earlier in Android after synchronization
Outlook-Android Sync 1.56
  • Fixed: Issue with deleted data not being in Deleted Items folder in Outlook after removal during sync
  • Fixed: Minor bug related to synchronization of events in different time zones
  • Fixed: All other minor issues found since last version
Outlook-Android Sync 1.55
  • Fixed: Access Violation error when synchronizing contacts over from Android to Outlook
  • Fixed: Couple of possible memory leaks
Outlook-Android Sync 1.52
  • Fixed: Missing of last recurring appointment from the series in some cases when synchronizing from Outlook to Android
  • Fixed: All other smaller issues found since last version
Outlook-Android Sync 1.51
  • Added: Russian interface language
  • Improved: Statistics in the end of the sync process
  • Fixed: Couple of small issues found since last release
Outlook-Android Sync 1.5
  • Added: Synchronization stats at the end of the sync process
  • Improved: Synchronization of events with some specific recurrence patterns
  • Improved: Better handling of events in different time zones
  • Improved: Synchronization of addresses in contacts
  • Fixed: Issues found since last release
Outlook-Android Sync 1.45
  • Improved: Synchronization stability and speed
  • Fixed: Issue with synchronization of Unicode Outlook categories
  • Fixed: Port changing on the fly feature
Outlook-Android Sync 1.4
  • Added: Auto new version check feature (can be turned off in options)
  • Fixed: Issue with the Sync deletions option not being preserved for 1-way synchronizations
  • Fixed: Setting up incorrect reminders on some Android devices for Outlook events
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements
Outlook-Android Sync 1.3
  • Added ability to synchronize Android and Outlook contact pictures
  • Fixed issue with excessive calendars appearing on Android for each Outlook category after 1-way sync
  • Other fixes and optimizations
Outlook-Android Sync 1.2
  • Added full Outlook categories mirroring (categories in Outlook or Exchange Server equal to Calendars and Contact Groups on Android)
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
Outlook-Android Sync 1.1
  • Added: New, much easier way for establishing connection in between Windows and Android versions of the program
  • Improved: Synchronization wizard to reflect changes with how connection is being established now
  • Fixed: Location for the log files folder
Outlook-Android Sync 1.0
  • First public release